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Most of us are unaware that beneath our feet lies a vast world absolutely teeming with life! As the foundation for all life on the planet, our lives completely depend on this valuable resource that we call SOIL. Understanding the fundamentals of healthy, fertile, living soil is absolutely essential to growing high-quality, nutrient-dense food sustainably. Join us as we explore the amazing soil bioverse during this full-day workshop intensive. Prepare to be amazed by the intricate and function -specific roles filled by various soil micro-organisms, and the incredible diversity of collaborative, mutually-beneficial relationships forged underground! We'll cover soil nutrition and also discuss various methods of building and maintaining soil fertility, including compost, compost teas & extracts, as well as cover crops. If you are keen on building really healthy soil as the basis for a truly resilient urban homestead, this in-depth and super-informative seminar is a must.

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