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Over the years I've had so many friends and students ask me about my northern climate food storage pantry- what I've got in it, how I keep it organized, and how best to store various products for long term resiliency and food security. I'm always mindful of how easily we take our food supplies for granted, and how much my family actually eats, so I plan ahead. It makes me reflect on how much I truly am my mother's daughter! The youngest of 10 kids, Mom grew up in an era and location where grocery stores were a rarity. If you didn't hunt it, grow it, forage for it and then preserve, dry, or freeze it for storage, then you didn't have anything to eat during the long winter months and well into spring. This workshop will explore issues around food security, food diversity, how much you can actually grow for your family, and what is important to store. We'll talk about root-cellaring, dehydrating, preserving and freezing, and explore various local sources for stocking up! 

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