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There's NEVER been a better time to grow a garden! Rising food costs and questionable commercial food quality make growing your own veggies an attractive and practical option. The best way to ensure you have really high quality, nutrient-dense food is to follow nature's example and use sustainable growing practices, ones that take care of your soil and respect your ecosystem. 
You'll be amazed at how easy it is to get started, and how much healthy & nutritious food you can produce in your own yard! We'll take you through all the steps, from locating your garden and soil preparation to seed selection and basic planting techniques, plus a list of the easiest veggies to grow in our local climate. We'll explore raised beds and no-till gardens, as well as some creative solutions for growing in small spaces. You'll learn tons of tips for sustainably growing and caring for your vegetable plants, including the best times to harvest your bounty! 

Saturday, February 29, 2020

10:15 am-4:15 pm            $76


14111 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary

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