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FOOD-SCAPE YOUR YARD for Long-Term Abundance!

Future-proof your yard by planning and planting an edible landscape! By following nature’s example, we can design abundant, productive and layered landscapes that provide for our long-term needs and have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural, healthy ecosystems.

A FOOD FOREST, or forest garden, is a grouping of multi-layered plant species that work together to support the health of the whole system, while providing you with abundant food sources! Unlike a natural forest, however, the edible landscape is designed to allow plenty of sunlight in, anchored by trees chosen for their ability to produce fruit, habitat, or other services. Supporting these main species are a myriad of other plants that perform important ecosystem functions, provide food, support pollinators, protect the soil and add beauty. Creating beautiful, functional and nurturing landscapes that you actually want to spend time in and enjoy is the ultimate goal! 

In this 7-hour introductory workshop you will learn how to incorporate many different compatible and useful plants, including fruit trees, berries, canes, ground covers, medicinal plants and more into your growing systems in a synergistic way that helps support you, the plant community, the soil and your ecosystem!

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 10:15 AM- 5:00 PM                                                              $79

Greengate Garden Center

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