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Over 6790 satisfied students!

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"One of the most powerful actions we can take is to secure even a small measure of responsibility for ourselves, our local environment, and our own food supply."

Are you ready to start embracing a more mindful and connected lifestyle?

Is it important to you to eat locally and cultivate some measure of food security and community?

Do you want to get skilled in ways that add fundamental value and resiliency to your life?

We believe in

positive action     

Taking positive, practical steps toward providing for some of your own needs, while respecting and regenerating the natural environment, will give you the tools and resources you need to gain more security, greater peace of mind, and the comfort of knowing you have the ability to build resilience in an ever-changing world.


Read what some of our students have to say:

"I've spent many, many hours reading, watching videos, and listening to podcasts on gardening and permaculture; one class with Urban Farm School was far more informative and comprehensive. Carmen brings a wealth of education and experience as well as a passion for teaching ... One class could change the way   you think about the world    around you."                                                                                 




Amanda K.

"Carmen is a passionate and inspiring instructor, and I always find her workshop presentations engaging and packed with information. Her beautiful gardens are also an amazingly productive work of art. The slides in the presentations are just as striking and abundant content extremely well organized. She is very generous in how she encourages others and shares her extensive knowledge, and I hope to join in with some of her future online classes through the Urban Farm School."                                                                                                                                           Christine G.

"I've had the pleasure of learning from Carmen as a part of the online Permaculture Design program through Verge Permaculture as well as through Urban Farm School. The depth, breadth & beauty of her content is matched by her passion in sharing that knowledge.  Anyone looking to expand their proficiency in growing food locally and attaining high-yields in a resilient way would benefit from Carmen's mastery. I am so grateful to have learned so much from her in a short period of time. I'm looking forward to participating in future workshops and courses with  Carmen."                                                      Amy R.


The Cold Climate Food Forest course I took with Urban Farm School was amazingly comprehensive! Learning from nature's design, the importance of diversity in the soil, how to create "guilds" (companion planting on steroids!) and so much more- Through Carmen's years of experience and her practical approach, I feel very well prepared to start my own cold-climate food forest, and have gained a wealth of information that will serve me

for many years to come. Highly  recommended!                                             

Maryke S.


"Carmen is an exceptional instructor and educator with a passion towards systems ecology and regenerative agriculture. She teaches ecosystem sustainability and resiliency through the application of permaculture principles . The knowledge she has in regards to vegetation succession, soil regeneration and species diversity is shared from a theoretical perspective and then applied to urban systems where it transforms landscapes into productive and healthy ecosystems. The diversity of species she introduces into these ecosystems play fundamental roles in the productivity and resiliency of the landscape. Carmen is an inspiration to everyone wanting to create resilient, productive and sustainable ecosystems."       

                                                             Renee L.

"Find me a better teacher- I dare you!  The incredible content and information I was exposed to during the Permaculture Design Certification course was overwhelmingly insightful and life-changing, and I'm deeply impressed and appreciative of Carmen's knowledge, wisdom and care. I don't fully know where this will take me yet, but I'm so grateful that I took a chance on this course. Thank you!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Daniel Z.


"I have learned so much from Carmen! Her teaching on soil health and composting was so thorough that I’m starting my own local composting co-op. She shares practical examples and stories so you can remember and implement the concepts, but also backs it up with science. Carmen is also very funny and has beautiful gardens that demonstrate her amazing abilities. I am so excited to have a successful garden this year, thanks to her! "                                                                                                                                                                             Amy K.

"I learned a ton of valuable information during Urban Farm School's class on Soil Health! Carmen has so much rich knowledge to share, and I definitely plan on taking more classes. I highly recommend Urban Farm School!"                                                                       Marisa S.


"I took an Introduction to Beekeeping course with Urban Farm School just for fun...I loved it so much I set up two hives the following week and have had a great time learning (and eating honey!)"                                                                                           

Jen G.

"After growing tomatoes for 20 years, I took Urban Farm School's tomato-growing class in the spring. I finally have a large harvest of gorgeous tomatoes! I'm so happy! Thank you!"                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                      Louise F.

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