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Meghan Vesey | Tara Stephens

Meghan and Tara met at a Verge Permaculture PDC in 2014, became instant friends, and knew that together, they would work on something exciting in our local food movement!  Meghan studied and has worked in a wide variety of disciplines from international development to IT before buying a farm (Akesi Farms (  Akesi Farms doubles as a home base for Meghan and Tara’s mushroom business Fungi Akuafo Inc. Tara is a wildlife conservation biologist who was first introduced to permaculture when working on an organic farm on the BC coast in the late 1990s. Meghan and Tara are intrigued by the many functional roles that fungi play in our food and ecological systems and how often fungi is overlooked or unappreciated in our lives.

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